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The Sensileau Sensor Platform promotes the implementation of online water quality monitoring technologies to improve water quality, reduce the use of chemicals and energy in water treatment, reduce leakage, maximise water reuse potential and recover valuable resources. Process optimisation goes hand-in-hand with cost savings and starts with reliable information on what is going on in your system. With our expertise we aim to contribute to a more sustainable water industry which is ready for a future dominated by climate change challenges and increased water demand.

Join us and find out how, with our expertise and your actions, we can achieve our global ambition to provide sufficient and affordable clean water to everyone, everywhere, now and in the future.

A comprehensive and extensive information source

Sensileau is for every company in the water industry: drinking water companies, water management boards, wastewater utilities, industrial water users and government agencies. Sensileau can be a valuable source of knowledge for engineering firms that solve water quality issues, universities / knowledge institutes that develop new sensor concepts and sensor manufacturers who want to gain insight into the market.

The information presented for a large number of water quality parameters includes an introduction, purpose and principles, benefits, best practices, costs and a comprehensive list of suppliers. Additionally, you can find showcases describing user experiences, step-by-step guides and recordings of past webinars on a range of topics related to water monitoring. If you have a question about Sensileau, a parameter or an instrument, we are here to help.

"In ‘the lab of the future’ , research will take place more and more outside the lab. Field measurements and continuous monitoring will mean more sensors.  Our cooperation is thus essential to gain insight into water quality."


Jeen Bouma

Managing Director of AQUON Laboratory, NL